African love potions

What is an African love potion? – A love potion, usually mixed with herbs and secret natural ingredients, is mixed by witch doctors or herbalist in a special way. The potion, or love spell, is then energised with intent – this is usually the most important part of a love spell – especially if you want a love potion that works. Many people ask how to make a love potion, but in fact they should be asking “what is blocking love in my life?” If you are going to have some kind of of love spell made it would be wise to find a proper psychic healer or witch – and this can be the most difficult part – there are many quacks selling spells.

Many people seek out easy love spells only to find that they have wasted their money. A good love potion is never easy and it is never quick to make – a love recipe is easy enough, most healers and witches use very similar ingredients – and some use love crystals to help focus the energy and intent that must be woven into the mixture. Most love potions will be activated with incantations, this is part of the intent. Love incantations are repetitive poems or short prose that is chanted whilst making the potion or spell. The incantation will be used when casting the spell, and then usually several times thereafter as the the spell get used.

When making a love potion the repetition serves to focus the witch, as she weaves the intent into the spell. Many users of love spells, and other spells like marriage spell and divorce spells give up too quickly – like anything in life, persistence pays off. The chanting of the spell, over and over again works on the subconscious – breaking down your personal barriers to love – which is often the reason a person is not able to find love – or stay in love. It is what is in you mind and how you think, that is more often the problem – rather than the other person. One could also use spells like confidence spells and faithfulness spells in conjunction with a love potion. A good spell maker knows this. If you buy a spell, and the sorcerer does not spend time with you, asking questions about your life and how you feel, then it is highly likely that he is an amateur spell maker or a con man. Any kind of African healer or western witch or psychic healer, will spend time finding out what is blocking you, or the one you wish to bewitch.

This is not because they care about what you tell them – or that they are sympathetic, it is a vital part of spell making. Like any recipe – you need to know what you are making so that you can add the right passion and love energy ingredients. If you are in an abusive relationship, and seeking for the other person to love you more and not beat you – it is very different to a love spell that is designed for getting more sexual pleasure from your partner – one has issues of self worth and possibly a protection spell is needed – the other has to do with raising your sexual energy levels and perhaps issues of being adventurous while making love with your partner.

Love potions need to be created and mixed to suit the type of love spell you wish cast. The love incantations need to be designed just right – have a look at free love spells and you will see how silly many of the incantations are – be real, drill down to the real issues – look within, and you may find that spending money on an easy love spell is a total waste of money. Rather visit a psychic medium, they may be able to draw your issues out, and make you aware of the reasons you are not getting the man or woman of your dreams. Like everything, where you mind is – that is where you are – focus on love, not on getting love – otherwise you will always be in a state of “getting love” and not love itself. Forget about how to make a love potion, and focus on you, and your mind!

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  2. zelda says:

    I am still in love with my ex fiance and can’t get him out of my mind!

    How do I get his love back, he has moved on after 4 months and I want him back..

  3. aman says:

    hi my name is aman
    i need power full love potion like magnet to any girl.

  4. simon says:

    Hi my name is Simon
    I need powerfull love potionlike magnet to any girls,
    who have money.

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