Traditional Healers

Traditional Healers in South Africa

A traditional healer is one that uses ancient knowledge about healing. The healing knowledge is passed from generation to generation in the case of witch doctors, and is given by the ancestors in the case of Sangomas. Traditional healers are widely spread throughout Africa. Sangomas are also in all the major cities in South Africa – Sangomas in Gauteng, herbalists in Pretoria, witchdoctors in Durban – you name the place in Africa and you will find traditional healers plying their trade. Many of the healers are in the rural areas and work in small villages. The healer in a village will be responsible for all aspects of the well being of the villagers. Healers in South Africa perform an important role in the welfare of all people. all it seems that sometimes we need healers for healing the healers. Why, because the rot has set in – MONEY. To perform Sangoma rituals can cost more than a few cows.

Money seems now to be the driving force when it comes to healing in South Africa. Healers in South Africa have been know to charge exorbitant rates for their healing services. While all practitioners deserve to make a living – it is more and more like western medicine – if you don;t have the cash – you don’t get healed. Many of the so called healers are nothing more than con men, stripping gullible South African of their hard earned cash. When the spells do not work – it is very easy to blame the tokoloshe – who gets the blame for all the nonsense that happens in peoples live.

Sangoma Rituals

Sangoma rituals play a central role in the craft of the healing community. Sangomas in South Africa and healers in South Africa both use extensive ritualism and symbolism in the course of their witchcraft, although the healer may not admit that it is indeed witch craft – in many cases it is only that. The good and the bad seem to ply their trade – offering love spells and money spells – in fact you can buy a spell for just about any problem or ailment – if you find the right witch doctor you can even have curses place on other people – A love spell, in my opinion, is a curse for the recipient. Healing the healer seems a good idea, and the South Africa government needs to monitor the field of Traditional healers a lot closer – many of them are responsible for the deaths of young boys – performing terrible operations like the coming of age ritual where the foreskin is removed. And of course, worth more than a mention, is the use of living creatures and body parts in the witchdoctors spells. This cannot be allowed to continue – no matter how traditional it may be!

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  2. Sorcerers Apprentice says:

    African culture is highly complex – no matter what the naysayers think it is a controlling factor in most people lives in South Africa. Traditional heaers and Sangomas have a lot more power than most whites in South Africa think – their influence is enormous. Business could take a leaf out of their books – the amount of money being made on and money spells should interest any commercial enterprise – wonder if the tax man knows about all these money spinners?

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  4. Francis says:

    I need help, people. My problem started 5 year ago, i have something living in my stomach, i was told it is a snake by a certain sangoma, its like am pregnant. I have tried almost everything to get rid of it. Can someone please refer me to a strong sangoma who can help me. My nos are 0734591509

  5. charne says:

    Hi dr..
    Me and my boyfriend of 5years have broken up,after a year me and him started talking,he says he still loves me and he wants to marry only me,one problem he has a new girlfriend they live together,and for some reason he does not want to leave her..but he talks to me everyday,is there a way you can help me get him back i want him and that woman to break up please i love this guy more than life…

  6. lusanda says:

    IV got a case on the 4th February and I dnt want to go to court so help me make that lady to go drop the case before the date pls help me,and iv got a woman who is threatening me everyday that she will kill me and my child please kill her first for me

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